Bay Area Tax Fraud Representation For Individuals And Businesses

Tax fraud is the most common white collar crime committed by both individuals and companies. A variety of different actions constitute tax fraud, though it commonly involves tax evasion or tax avoidance.

We have over three decades of experience working with the IRS and DOJ on tax fraud cases, securing several successes for his clients by avoiding indictments and arguing for dismissal of charges. Using his skilled team and a comprehensive and detailed approach to representation, John M. Runfola will thoroughly investigate your case in order to provide you with the strongest possible defense strategy.

Definition Of Tax Fraud

Tax fraud occurs when an individual or business intentionally, knowingly, and purposefully makes a false statement on a tax return in order to either reduce tax liability or present a more favorable picture of the financial health of the corporation.

Tax avoidance occurs when an individual or company attempts to reduce tax liability (the amount due to the federal or state government) by abusing available state and federal credits and deductions to reduce taxable income. Businesses are common culprits of tax avoidance because, by playing with the numbers, the company's financial outlook may appear more promising or the amount due to the government may drop.

Tax evasion occurs when an individual or company fails to pay taxes. One popular method is income deferral, in which the company does not receive any income until after December 31st, the last day of the tax year. This allows the company to report the income on next year's tax return.

Why You Need John M. Runfola

Tax fraud is a serious crime that faces multiple years of incarceration in state or federal prison, as well as hefty fines. If you have been charged with tax fraud or are being audited, you need a tax fraud defense lawyer, to aggressively defend against the accusations.

Alongside his skilled team, Mr. Runfola will use his courtroom expertise, experience with the inner workings of government agencies, innovative investigative resources, media savvy and vast knowledge of federal tax law to assist you with pursuing a favorable outcome.

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