San Francisco Cyber Crimes Defense

As technology and software evolve, federal and state laws must stay abreast of the changes. With over three decades of experience litigating trials in federal and California courts, John M. Runfola and his skilled team of attorneys, paralegals, investigators, and experts, are able to adeptly navigate complex government investigations, pretrial motions hearings, and jury trials.

Types Of Computer Crimes

'Computer crimes' is the catch-all phrase for criminal offenses that involve the use of a computer to perpetuate a crime. The California Penal Code and federal law prohibit unauthorized access to a computer, network, server or account. Individuals who tamper with, destroy, alter or steal information are prosecuted vigorously, especially when the information is confidential in nature.

Hacking: Hackers breach secure systems to access private information. The FBI has begun vigorously hunting down hackers as many data breaches involve issues of national security and consumer financial data.

Penalties: Unlawfully accessing a computer or network is punishable by up to three years in prison in California.

Pirating: Unauthorized taking or use of copyrighted material carries civil and criminal liability.

Darknet illegal operations: The darknet is a vast, underground marketplace of illegal goods and services. The FBI and DEA are actively engaged in undercover operations involving takedown of the darknet's most profitable websites.

Identity theft: Identity theft uses fraud or hacking to obtain an individual's personal identifying information or financial information.

Vigorous And Unyielding Defense Of Computer Crimes

It is imperative that you consult with a defense attorney well-versed in federal law and court because computer crimes are mainly prosecuted by the federal government. The federal government has the expertise, training, and resources to investigate and litigate cyber crimes. Mr. Runfola specializes in federal law and has practiced in federal U.S. District Courts nationwide for over 30 years.

Our law firm is equipped with proficiency in the courtroom, knowledge of the inner workings of government agencies, state-of-the-art investigative resources, and media expertise. We provide thorough, aggressive, and discrete representation.

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