Health Care Fraud Defense Attorney Fighting False Accusations For Bay Area Clients

Health care fraud is a white collar crime involving medical billing-related fraud. The Law Offices of John M. Runfola represents businesses and individuals accused of committing health care fraud. We assist clients with avoiding criminal charges by conducting independent investigations, reviewing documents, mounting a solid defense strategy, and monitoring the actions of the government. We can also advise you on how to avoid obstruction of justice charges and will advocate vigorously for a favorable early resolution.

Medicare And Medicaid Fraud

Federal and California state health insurance programs for indigent and elderly citizens provide assistance to eligible enrollees, including discounted medical treatment and prescriptions. When a patient receives medical care from a doctor, the doctor bills Medicare or Medicaid directly. The provider then reimburses the doctor for the cost of the visit. The government commonly investigates doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes for suspected billing fraud.

Health care fraud is a blanket term for a variety of different schemes, including:

  • Billing both Medicaid/Medicare and the patient
  • Unbundling medical procedures and billing for each component
  • Intentionally misdiagnosing
  • Ordering unnecessary tests, procedures or treatment
  • Substituting brand-name drugs for generic drugs, yet billing full price
  • Billing for services that never happened
  • Inflating the cost of a service

Defending Against Health Care Fraud Charges

Individuals and companies engaged in health care fraud face enlarged penalties under federal and state law. In addition, companies may be ordered to repay the amounts stolen from Medicare/Medicaid.

John M. Runfola is renowned in the San Francisco Bay Area for his aggressive and unyielding defense strategies in complex fraud crime cases. If you were accused of health care fraud, not only may your job be on the line, but you may also face losing your license to practice medicine, lengthy periods of incarceration in state or federal prison, and extremely exorbitant restitution amounts. Our dedicated team of attorneys, paralegals, investigators, and experts will thoroughly investigate your case to help you devise a solid defense strategy to fight charges and seek a favorable result.

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