"John Runfola is what all lawyers should be. He is ethical, moral, able to work "the legal system" to my best advantage and his staff is excellent. Throughout my long case, I felt I had a friend and legal expert applying all of his experience, resources and unique communication abilities to the highest level for my benefit. I was very fortunate to have John as my attorney."


"I was facing multiple years in prison for something that I did while having a mental breakdown. No one was hurt. I had no criminal record before, not even a parking ticket. John got me released from jail with time served and now I consider him a mentor. When we are out in public, he introduces himself as my uncle. He is passionate about what he does, during my trial he went without sleep at times working on my case. Brilliantly, he brought in a jury consultant to pick a fair jury. After the trial, members of the jury came to the sentencing and even wrote to me stating their sympathy and hope for a better future for me...."

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"I found John Runfola online during a search for lawyers to help with my son and some trouble he had gotten into. After our consultation, I knew he was the lawyer who could help my son with his case. His compassion for what he does and his genuine easy going manner and years of experience won me over. The case recently concluded and I still feel I made the right decision and that the outcome was made possible because of Mr. Runfola."


"I would recommend John to anyone facing criminal charges. I introduced my Chinese speaking friends with me interpreting throughout the meetings and he showed utmost patience and caring for my friends. His knowledge, his skills are beyond outstanding. His defense with the district attorneys for our case started with three felonies and one misdemeanor charge and resulted in a dismissal! He is definitely a defense attorney highly recommend."