Protect Your Driving Record And Your License

Even the most careful drivers are always at risk of breaking traffic laws with common actions such as speeding or failing to make a complete stop at an intersection. And a routine drive home after dinner can become a legal nightmare if an unexpected traffic stops leads to DUI charges. A minor miscalculation at the bar or even a bad Breathalyzer reading can have a significant impact on your life if you are convicted.

At The Law Offices of John M. Runfola, our defense lawyers have been helping our clients defend their rights, reputations and their driving privileges for more than 35 years. We understand just how important your driver's license is for earning a living and completing many routine tasks that are central to your life. If you are facing a driving-related criminal charge, we can help you plan a legal strategy to reach the best legal outcome possible.

DUI/DWI Defense In Northern California And Beyond

A single DUI charge can lead to a steep fine and increases in your insurance premiums that could affect your finances for years. Multiple DUI charges over several years can lead to jail time and the revocation of your driver's license, which can make it very difficult to make a living.

If you have experienced a drunk driving arrest, we will analyze the details of your case and plan a legal defense tailored to your needs. We will examine whether the arresting officer had probable cause to initiate a traffic stop in the first place, and whether he or she administered your sobriety test properly. These details can make the difference between conviction and dropped charges.

Maintain Your Independence After A Vehicular Charge

At The Law Offices of John M. Runfola, our defense attorneys will defend you in both criminal and administrative proceedings to help you avoid both fines or jail time (in the criminal system) and limits on your driving privileges (in the administrative system).

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