Grand Jury Investigations

The grand jury consists of a group of citizens who meet regularly to hear evidence concerning alleged crimes to determine if probable cause exists. As the powerful investigative arm of the prosecution, the grand jury has the authority to issue subpoenas that require individuals to provide testimony or documents or other evidence. Upon receiving a grand jury subpoena, it is critical to retain a highly skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.

Fighting To Prevent An Indictment

There are many ways to handle a grand jury investigation, and it can be confusing on how best to proceed. In such a high-pressure situation, having the right lawyer to guide you through the grand jury process can profoundly affect the outcome of your case.

The The Law Offices of John M. Runfola has extensive grand jury experience defending clients at both the federal and state level. Our counsel helps clients prepare for and respond to a prosecutor's questions at a grand jury proceeding or to respond to a request for documents or other evidence. We have successfully helped countless clients by preventing an indictment or ensuring that any charges filed are not excessive or unsupported by the facts or the law.

Free Consultation About Grand Jury Investigations

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