San Francisco Immigration Lawyer Assisting Clients With Accusations Of Immigration Fraud

In order for non-U.S. citizens to obtain legal status, immigrants must apply for a visa. The visa process is cumbersome and extremely confusing, and many individuals simply desiring to be closer to loved ones inadvertently violate federal immigration law.

Over the past three decades, John M. Runfola has tirelessly advocated for immigrants accused of committing green card marriage fraud. Together with his team of associate attorneys, investigators, paralegals, and experts, John M. Runfola can assist you with combating accusations of fraud and properly filing the correct paperwork. We understand that the consequences of an adverse immigration decision are severe. We promise to provide uncompromising and aggressive defense to immigration fraud charges.

What Is A Green Card?

A green card permits long-term residency.

There are three ways to be eligible:

  1. Immediate family: Your spouse, parent or minor child is a U.S. citizen.
  2. Marriage: You marry a U.S. citizen who lives in the U.S.
  3. Work: You possess a certain skill or training that is highly desirable, and a U.S. company hires you to work in the U.S. The individual or company must be willing to sponsor you.

Green Card Marriage Fraud

The vast majority of immigration fraud occurs with marriage visas. Oftentimes, these marriages are colloquially referred to as green card marriages because authorities believe that many foreign nationals enter into fake marriages simply to obtain U.S. residency and therefore closely scrutinize these applications for fraud.

We can assist you with gathering evidence of a valid marriage, including:

  • Letters from close friends and family to show that you and your spouse spend time together, know each other well, and are otherwise a legitimate couple.
  • Photographs that show you together.
  • Evidence of commingled assets such as joint bank accounts or both names on a home mortgage.

How To Fight Against Immigration Fraud Charges

If you are charged with immigration fraud, you face deportation, detention in an ICE facility pending a formal hearing, a ban on returning to the country, and criminal prosecution. John M. Runfola is well-versed in federal immigration law and has assisted countless clients with successfully defending against immigration fraud charges.

If you are being investigated for immigration fraud, contact The Law Offices of John M. Runfola immediately at 866-392-4918 or 415-391-4243, or send us an email.