Conspiracy In Federal Cases

The federal government brings conspiracy charges when it believes that two or more people made an agreement to commit a crime and then at least one of those people performs an act toward actually committing that crime.

Even if the underlying crime on which the conspiracy charge was based was never committed, a judge or jury can still find you guilty of conspiracy.

The federal government is increasingly bringing conspiracy charges against people in addition to charges for the actual alleged crimes. Indeed, almost 75 percent of federal criminal charges also allege conspiracy in one form or another. This is true because the bar to proving the existence of a conspiracy in federal court is much lower than it is to prove the commission of the actual crime. This bar is even lower in the cases of drug conspiracy charges because the United States Supreme Court has ruled that in federal court, unlike in many state courts such as in California, the prosecutors do not need to prove the commission of any overt acts in furtherance of the conspiracies involving drugs such as cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines.

In the case of drug charges, be they for simple possession, distribution or possession with intent to distribute, the penalties for conspiracy to commit these acts are exactly the same as their actual commission — and these penalties can be very severe if not draconian. Therefore, if you are facing allegations of conspiracy, particularly for one involving drugs in federal court, it is absolutely essential that you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

If you have been charged with, or are under investigation by the federal government for conspiracy, you should only trust a lawyer experienced specifically in defending federal conspiracy charges.

At the The Law Offices of John M. Runfola, we have 35 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer in both federal and state court. During those years, we have defended many people against a wide variety of conspiracy charges, including:

  • Conspiracy to distribute cocaine
  • Conspiracy to import heroin
  • Conspiracy to possess narcotics with intent to distribute
  • Conspiracy to distribute cocaine, heroin and marijuana
  • Conspiracy to manufacture Ice, LSD, ecstasy (MDMA) and methamphetamines
  • Conspiracy to cultivate marijuana
  • Embezzlement and theft conspiracy
  • Mail and wire fraud conspiracy

We have also defended clients against charges of conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to import and export weapons, and conspiracy to kidnap a judge, to name but a few prior cases. Our clients in these cases have ranged from Asian business owners to alleged members of organized crime families and motorcycle clubs to people just like you.

We have also worked with clients charged with drug conspiracies that allegedly took place in both the United States and in foreign countries. Our firm has worked with clients in Peru, Jamaica, Australia, Hong Kong and Thailand. In one particularly notable case, we worked with clients from Thailand, one of whom was a member of the Thai parliament, who were facing charges of importing 18 tons of marijuana from the country. Attorney John M. Runfola was able to get all drug charges in this case dismissed.

Cases that are charged as conspiracies by the federal government are often extremely complex and involve a lengthy investigation process. At the The Law Offices of John M. Runfola, we have over 35 years of experience representing clients charged with a wide variety of conspiracy charges in federal drug crimes and other federal offenses. We will thoroughly investigate the charges against you and will stand up for your rights in a court of law. We understand what the law says and the procedures that prosecutors must follow in obtaining evidence to use against you. As an experienced law firm, we hire our own investigators and experts to help get the effective resolutions that our clients expect and deserve.

Free Consultation In Conspiracy Cases

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