Uncompromising Defense Against Federal And State Drug Charges

How We Can Help You Fight Drug Possession Charges

Over the past 40 years, The Law Offices of John M. Runfola has assembled a knowledgeable team of attorneys, paralegals, investigators, and experts, all dedicated to providing high-quality advocacy and a focus on personalized representation. We will comb through the evidence in your case to craft a strong defense theory designed to poke holes in the government's case. We will conduct an independent investigation and craft a creative defense strategy to further your goals. We are equipped with expertise in the courtroom, knowledge of the inner working of government agencies like the DEA and FBI, state-of-the-art investigative resources, and media savvy to help combat damage to your reputation.

Over the past 40 years, John M. Runfola has successfully defended countless clients facing serious criminal federal/state charges, including:

A knowledgeable and adept criminal defense lawyer like John M. Runfola can assist you with seeking suppression of evidence and statements, reducing charges to possession, and arguing for a full dismissal. Over the past 40 years, John M. Runfola has successfully saved countless clients' reputation, jobs, and freedom by reaching favorable resolutions short of criminal charges. He is well-versed in both federal and state law and has aggressively defended local and foreign clients in complex drug cases, including those involving international media attention.

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Choosing a criminal defense lawyer to represent you in a drug case is one of the most critical decisions that you may have to make. The Law Offices of John M. Runfola is dedicated to providing hard-hitting advocacy for our clients, as well as customized and personalized representation. We focus our strategy around the unique facts of your case and your goals. To schedule a free, confidential consultation, call today at 866-392-4918 or 415-391-4243, or email us.