Aggressive, Passionate, Effective Criminal Defense

The Law Office of John M. Runfola has always focused exclusively on criminal defense. For more than 30 years, we have provided rigorous defense representation to clients in the Bay Area, throughout California, and across the United States and U.S. Territories.

John M. Runfola possesses a depth of experience gained from successfully handling thousands of cases in state and federal court. Whether representing adults or juveniles, he is committed to applying this experience, helping our clients achieve the most favorable outcome.

We are available 24 hours a day for emergencies at 415-391-4243, or you can contact our law office online. All consultations are free, completely confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege. For more information regarding our practice and how we can help you, contact San Francisco criminal defense lawyer John M. Runfola today.

Preparing Strong Defenses On Behalf Of Our Clients

Our first effort is to prevent criminal charges from being filed. By providing favorable information regarding our clients and the situation being investigated, we are frequently able to positively influence a prosecutor's charging decisions.

If a client is charged, we work tirelessly and aggressively on his or her defense.

Our office vigorously prepares a client's case for a jury trial while simultaneously attempting to negotiate a settlement most favorable to our client. We will investigate government witnesses, challenge the government's allegations, work to exclude potentially damaging evidence, build affirmative defenses, and deal with the media when necessary. The office also has access to the best investigative and expert resources necessary to aggressively challenge the actions and inactions of law enforcement, prosecutorial and judicial powers.

Above all, we work with our clients to achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

Setting The Standard, Raising The Bar

Mr. Runfola has a deep commitment to justice and is keenly aware of the daunting prospect an individual or corporation faces when squaring off against the government with its tremendous reservoirs of resources and power.

He comes from a tradition of the strongest legal advocacy and ethics, having seen his father, Joseph P. Runfola Sr., work as a prominent criminal defense lawyer and a groundbreaking president of the Erie County Bar Association in New York state.

Our cases are first and foremost about people. Mr. Runfola provides responsive, personalized service. Our goal is to inform our clients of their options and to position them as favorably as possible, even pre-indictment or arrest. We want them to be an integral part of their cases, and make sure their needs and concerns are addressed at every stage.

Our Results Are The Measure Of Our Success

We have a proven track record at all stages of a criminal proceeding, including pre-indictment investigations, pretrial proceedings, jury trial and appeal.

Our success stories include representing a young African-American man who was confronted with a firestorm of hateful rage and a contentious district attorney when a racist altercation with a white man turned deadly. Initially charged with first-degree murder, we worked tirelessly and eventually earned an eight-month sentence to a manslaughter charge, which was served outside the walls of San Quentin. He has since earned a master's degree in psychology and is writing a thesis on criminal justice.

Prepared To Fight The Charges Against You

Despite what the police or prosecutor might claim, no criminal case is an open and shut matter. The actions and statements of law enforcement, lab technicians, prosecutors and the press can jeopardize even the strongest case. Our office has the experience, resources, ability and tenacity to deal with the press and to attack the prosecution's case.

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